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An Islamic – World perspective on Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainability…

     This opening quotes and heavily paraphrases from M. Kamal Hassan’s, World -View Orientation and Ethics: A Muslim Perspective, Jurnal IKIM (Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia)., Vol. 3. No. 1. Jan/June 1995.

     Hassan quotes, ” It is my humble submission that at the root of our contemporary ecological crisis lies the mindset which disregards the lordship, sovereignty, power, control and will of God in the universe. Thus man’s self perception is that he is freed from any transcendent authority or higher moral order to behave, vis-a-vis, the natural resources or to his fellow human beings in a utilitarian and selfish manner.

     …as nations realize a common peril in allowing environmental degradation to continue in part of the globe, do they also become conscious of the fact that they are existing on God’s earth and are thriving on God’s given bounties (normally called natural resources) in the land, air and water… [and] have become penitent on account of greedy, materialistic and self-centered behavior…” (1-2).

     Hassan’s words nearly 15 years ago are just as relevant if not more today than they were then! The time for action is now, there exists enough blame and finger-pointing for the rest of time to figure out. But what are we going to do now?  In the About Iman section, I pointed out the main reason for starting the Blog in the first place. My hope here is that we can provide real dialog, education, assimilation of ideas, accommodation of those ideas and subsequent transformation and cognitive liberation for a genuine call to action for the sake of the environment, its sustainability and the next generation and beyond. During the course of discourse here, let us be ever mindful of this tasking and challenge… go forth and Blog!


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