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Niagara Community Center meeting 17 Feb 2011

Having watched the video, much of what needed to be said was said but like any discovery phase or initial phases of a project or undertaking– follow-up and follow-through are paramount! Leadership! I’m a retired Naval Officer (LCDR/ 04E, like a major), married and living in Malaysia now and offer a planning and implementation tool I learned about in the U.S. Navy during my more than 23 years of service) called a Plan of Action and milestones (POA&M); when you need to get the job done, this tool can really help. Use MS Excel (columns as shown): Date/Event No./ Short Description of Issue and required action to resolve fully/Entered by/ Point of contact/ Completion Date/ Status (%)/ Remarks

I can help with this and have attached a sample…poamNCC17022011RevA

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  1. February 19, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Obviously planning tools like agendas and minutes should be done and quite possibly made available/ published for to see. We have boards, committees and subcommittes, adhoc committees… these are the required tools. Formal procedures like Roberts Rule of Order also help. If we want a different result, we must do things differently…

  2. February 19, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    The State Senator is offering a unique opportunity that it seems may go by the wayside and give an escape clause because he really tried to help and we just couldn’t rise to the occassion. His requests:
    * Get the board in place
    * Get inside the building and find out what’s going on
    * Budget is tight [ask for what you need, not what you want?]

    These aaare the first major items to put on a POA&M

    All the things the Community Center for Concerned Citizens (CCCC) said they stand for are just:
    * Be the voice of the community
    * There’s power in numbers
    * To be organized
    * Facilitate communication
    * Unite common concerns
    * Break down boundaries
    * Speak for the black community
    * Not to tell the community what to do
    * The coalition is you

    On the Ministerial Council; during the civil rights era, the church used to play an important role between authorities and the community– that seems to be happening here; When the “system” fails the people, the church fills that void as the they always have!

    One gentlemen hit the nail right on the head when he talked about Vision, mission and goals… strategic planning and such; The board doesn’t seem to have these or be able to articulate it… let alone how many members it has.

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