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Music collaboration with Iman

Just putting a few music items after talking and noting that some of you were still playing music in bands much like when we were growing up but only bigger… I mentioned still play, so I attached a few samples (Star Dust, Summertime and ‘Round Midnight), some sheet music and few pictures.

I play around with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) that allow for multiple configurations and scenarios from VSTi (basically virtual instruments), MIDI keyboards (c0ntrollers) and real recordings. I can’t get the accompaniment I want; Grand Piano, Stand-up Bass and Drum section– maybe even and Sax? But with DAWs like FL Studio, Cubase 5 and such, you can get it pretty on the money.

Since I don’t play piano, only do chording, it’s not easy on that front. That’s where on-line collaboration comes in… the tracks I sent. There sample, but show what’s possible. Anyone using DAWs knows you collaborate on “wet tracks” (not mixed but separate) and work from there.

If you know what I’m talking about good, if not, just check out the tracks…

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