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Fair Trade: things we can do to help other people

Commenting on a video of a local San Diego cable host, Mr. Walter Davis, I saw from my uncle’s fb page

Mr. Davis’ guest, Mr. Schmidt says when talking about Fair Trade and what we can do, “…don’t do any harm and ask, are we part of the problem?”

I never heard of the saying before hearing it in the video, “…boarder as a semi-porous membrane where money goes North… and… migrants follow the money!”

I like this guy, he lays it right out in terms you can understand– plain english! Fair Trade La Mesa.

Be part of the solution, once aware– then what? I mean we gotta eat and I don’t have the means ourselves to produce tomatoes, coffee or what have you? Solution? Become farmers ourselves? I think not! I have no idea what I’m doing as a farmer– probably use the wrong fertilizers myself.
Aha! Look for the Fair Trade Certified label– easy to get? I’ve never seen it, maybe never looked cause I didn’t know it existed (ignorance is bliss, or just plain ignorance!). How about the price and/or economies of scale; If  companies produce more coffee, it’s cheaper, right? How much cheaper than co-ops?

Anywhere to find that data?

We’re in the worst economic situation in centuries, everybody’s looking for cheaper prices in bad times.

Mr. Schmidht gives you the formula, (1) organize as groups, (2) say what you want– look for Fair Trade products (one product first), (3) make it happen by following through.

Other links: http://www.fairtradetownusa/org/towns/ca/la-mesa or


http://fairtradesd.blogspot.com http://www.meetup.com/sdcommunitycoalition

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