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What to do when I get older?

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s a forgone conclusion that they say, the only for certain in life is death and taxes… We all have to retire someday! What do we do afterwards? Unfortunately the world will not stop revolving around us when we retire! That why it’s important to have a few hobbies that we’re passionate about.

I was once told by a former boss when retirement was upon him, we ignore our family and wives because of “important” business but when we retire, we want then go and boss the wife around at home because we have no more job and people to boss around… get a hobby that speaks to the heart and mind, develop it and cherish it!

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Summertime, trumpet and voice; when time meets passion!

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment


I’ve talked about this subject before, but I think some of it bears repeating; I had suggested in the past that a passion of mine was “colorizing” older jazz standards and kind of updating them the way I see them without disrespecting the piece– you know, doing justice.

Why do I want to do this? Because amongst many things, I play trumpet and have been since as long as I can remember. Back in the day, I used to play in band in school, marching band before and sometimes after, and even a neighborhood band called “Black Mist”. Nowadays, there’s no one to play with– no band; that’s why I had to “make my own band” with these digital audio workstations like FL Studio X Producer, Finale 2011, Sonar LE and more… just so I can play my trumpet.

Some of the old standards or classics have vocals as well– like the one I’m doing now, Summertime. Again, I can’t find anyone to do the vocals– both male and female so I have to do the male voice myself and leave the female voice for another day! No operation planned, just talking out load…

So there you have it! What am I trying to do? Find a little soul, grab a little peace of mind and tell a little story (my story)… to whomever is listening!

William J@Iman

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If you grew up in Niagara Falls, you remember…

September 10, 2011 1 comment

Inspired by a fb web page with the same or similar name, the out pouring of love for our city has inspired me to put it to music. The words are simple as well as the idea; You can just add memories after the intro and complete the words for yourself– after all, they are your memories.

In addition, since I made the music, the basic theme, i.e., chord, beat and style (funk, dance, country, rock, metal) can also be changed if there are requests for it. I think there is potential for house music and even a longer line or slide dancing version to just have fun with it!

Click me NiagaraFalls


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Summer Time– Jazz Trumpet

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

This is another “installment” of a jazz project; I like playing trumpet but have no one else to with (band), so I make all the music/ make my own band just to play jazz trumpet the way I envision it… that’s the only way!

By making your own vision a reality, there are no arguments fro band members… enjoy!  Click the link here. Summertime

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