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Why married people get divorced

As a divorcee, I thought I might contribute my two cents to the topic in the vain hope that someone out there might could use the information. I know it’s useful, but whether anyone can take advantage of it is another story.

From real life, Navy and business– it seems communication is the one great equalizer! Any successful enterprise, including marriage– depends a great deal on communication; now that’s been said many times, but what I’m referring now is something Oprah mentioned– understanding the how when people things can be done. Most of the time, they leave that part out.

In order for communication to work, we all need serious and real communication skills; If I had them, I guess I’d still be married? Oh yeah, communication is a two-way street– so no matter how much mad communication skills you have, if the other person isn’t ready or have skills as well– it’s not going to happen!

At least that’s my observation… thanks for listening.

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  1. October 3, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    They just don’t tell you everything when you fall in love and get married. I mean you’re from one state or religious background and your spouse is from another… throw in a career, a couple of kids and some drama and you really got something. Shouldn’t we have some different life skills to deal with this obviously new situation we’ve never encountered?
    Of course not, it’s common sense and if you don’t have any then whatever is wrong must be your fault…. and on and and on… another one bites the dust!

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