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Family, you only get one–maybe two!

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I was always told growing up that you only get one family! I used to listen to a song by I think the Dramatics by that title– a little different, but you get it. In these modern times though where divorce seems to be the order of the day– seems we get end up getting more than one family.

There’s so much noise out there that it’s hard to break through and parents don’t make it any easier! Lost tribes a bound and futures misdirected– maybe two families is the way to go?

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Community building where to start?

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I guess the first thing I would ask anyone proposing to be about community building is what is your vision for the community? If you can’t see or envision it, you sure can’t build it!

There’s the mission, plan and strategy that must be a combined effort that involves the commuity and leaders. If people are not part of the solution, they’ll surely be part of the problem. The there’s the tactics and follow-up for achieving what was just conceived… make no mistake– follow-up and through is a learned skill that not everybody can stomach or have!

Leadership! I salute anyone brave enough t get in front and “move things forward”; least appreciated and most disrespected people I know! But still they do it. That’s what’s required!

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Moodle 2.1.2 and the eLearning thing

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

There’s just too much information out there regarding learning management systems (LMS); if you listen to it all, you’ll never make a decision. I wish I could say the process was going to be easy! A weighted checklist kind of thing that covers costs, core or vendor supplied must items for lms, other criteria, pedagogical requirements (teaching stuff/frameworks) and maintenance agreemnets items is a good start.

Just because a particular LMS has the highest weight doesn’t mean it’s the one for you; maybe you don’t have all the information, etc. The other crucial thing is the expectations of those staff and students who are to use the LMS; will there be “real training” provided or just a 1 or 2 day “training” kind of thing. Why is this important? The LMS won’t get used if people don’t feel comfortable!

There’s so much more, but suffice it to say– if you don’t get really involved yourself in the process, what makes you think you’ll get involved later.

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The more you know…

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It seems you can never learn enough! As many times as I’ve been told something like this, I’m still amazed when I learn something that’s new and really useful.

I had been struggling with some colleagues in a foreign country I’ve been in for a number of years. Being retired Navy, I have a way “handling” problems and roadblocks; Don’t get me wrong, I don’t burn bridges, but I also don’t always tread lightly either. We used to say back home in the day, “…come strong or stay at home”. In this culture, you might as well swat flies cause you’d have better luck!

Look, culture (beliefs, attitudes, education, religion, etc.) is everything and it effects and/or pervades your work product and ethic! My father used to say, “An apple don’t know to do nothin’ but fall straight down from the tree”! When I was young, it really didn’t that much–but I tell you now, my father’s really a smart man! Maybe he knows how to cut down an apple tree?