The final curtain…

Just this morning I heard of yet another of my bosses colleages had passed away. It brought visions of those close to me but yet “passed on”. And what of myself? How will it be when it’s my turn? We grow up so naive and oblivious to life’s continual reality picture show as one might call it.

I suspect when that final curtain calls for me, I’ll know it’s time… I’ll just take a bow and bid all farewell and good do…

  1. December 31, 2011 at 9:34 am

    My brother….What I believe is that we have no idea what we WILL DO. We know what we PLAN TO DO, or what we SAY WE WILL DO. It is like the atheist writer Steven something) who died last week. He told his friends to “up hold his” dignity if he does something wacky (like ask GOD to save him) at his death. He was smart enough to know that he has no idea what will actually happen when the curtain closes for the last time.

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