About Iman

     This blog was first conceived simply as a result of a Marine Environmental Conservation course I had the pleasure of not only coordinating but lecturing in. Since then, it has grown in scope to include a number things of interest to me.

    So firstly, the environment.  The participants of the course regualry come from many different countries– usually  8 or so countries each course for a total of usually 20 participants. After a number of years of doing the course, one class  in particular made me really think that we could not only make a difference about our planet’s loss of biodiversity and its continued sustainability but also made me realize that we must act!

     After seeing the environmental movie, 11th Hour–we pledged to do our part and continue to cooperate. We also wrote down some Sustainable Environmental Principles (SEP) based on the movie and class.

  • Design is the 1st sign of intention
  • Leadership; all hands on deck
  • Mass utilization
  • Renewable infrastructures are a must
  • Diversified transport systems
  • Buildings shall be energy efficient!
  • Water needs to be clean!
  • Consider the welfare of all life (respect it)
  • Social justice for all

     As for myself, I have a number of interests; As the Power of Information is one of my mottos, communication and the idea of facilitating good human relations among each other has always interested me in some form or another. For example, while studying my undergraduate degree in Political Science (PolSci) at Old Dominion University, I took a number of intersting communications courses (small group and women) and was forever changed; the exact content being too lengthy to review here and give real justice–suffice it to say that just being quiet sometimes and observing your environment and other people can tell you alot about what’s going on. I also worked some 23 plus years in government and had the distinct pleasure of meeting and interacting with many people from around the globe and different countries.

        I am also very committed and interested in living a healthy life style and being healthy; I lift weights, swim, scuba, ride a bike and generally love exercise. In doing so, I have gained some appreciation and knowledge on proper diets, calories, workouts and such and would like to share that as well. I find in lecturing survival classes that often people have not been taught simple things like the average caloric intake per day (2,000) or the percentage breakdown of those calories.

       I also teach and have interests in safety and survival…

       I also love music, play trumpet and enjoy playing and listening to old school jazz. I think it’s a rare opportunity to not only really express one’s inner soul but let others share and genuinely feel the joy of those shared experiences. Music– I think, is the ultimate cerebral and animated experience and is also expressive and fulfilling. And quite interestingly, no one can tell you when you’re playing it for yourself (expressing yourself) that you don’t feel that way! You’re always right!

        And thirdly,  I have interests in business and e-learning. There’s a lot that needs to be said here in the way of definitions, terms models and solutions and exploiting or leveraging technology for productivity and the organizations sake. The word elearning has also been used so much that people don’t really know what it means when you use the word anymore.

         So there you have it, the real purpose of the site then, is to cooperate, share and just plain get involved!


  1. December 17, 2009 at 6:11 am

    Hello Iman,

    I knew you are great and interesting person. In support of your above intro I will like to quote from the book “The fear of the Unkonown” by “Martin Luther King, Jr.”; He wrote” Why do people fear each other?, because they don’t know each other, Why they don’t know each other?, because they don’t communicate each other”. This supports the idea that communication is key for working together in cooperation. Thank you for inviting me.

  2. December 18, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Thank you for those kind words, please explore and/ or express yourself in any of the other forums. I think I’ll make a new category called express yourself or general discussion.


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