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Life’s just too short!

     I know it’s been many times before, but you know life is just short to be worried about all the small stuff… it’s like missing the forest before the trees. We’re so worried about that next house, car or ”new thing” that we can’t see what’s important right in front of us!
    So the next time you want next big thing– look in front of you, it’s right there!


A proper airport greeting consists of…

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

This is for all those individuals out there who actually might not know how to conduct a “proper airport greeting”. It sounds ridiculous to have to describe it, but I think it’s necessary.

For the person picking up or greeting the person flying, be at the airport waiting to greet the other person before they get there… this doesn’t mean just before they exit the airport and greeting them at the curb but before the plane lands. An yes, go and park the car and wait in the airport!

For the person flying or arriving, receive the greeting and avoid rushing for your baggage or some other excuse. For family or married couples, this most likely means a hug and/or kiss. Ask how the flight was and express how much you miss each other and are glad to finally see them.

Collect their baggage and have a quick sit down and/or coffee  if time permits and it’s appropriate. Depart the airport.

Hope this helps, but I know there are still those out there who believe they’re perpetually in hurry for the next event and won’t be able to properly greet one another at the airport!

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Family, you only get one–maybe two!

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I was always told growing up that you only get one family! I used to listen to a song by I think the Dramatics by that title– a little different, but you get it. In these modern times though where divorce seems to be the order of the day– seems we get end up getting more than one family.

There’s so much noise out there that it’s hard to break through and parents don’t make it any easier! Lost tribes a bound and futures misdirected– maybe two families is the way to go?

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Why married people get divorced

October 1, 2011 1 comment

As a divorcee, I thought I might contribute my two cents to the topic in the vain hope that someone out there might could use the information. I know it’s useful, but whether anyone can take advantage of it is another story.

From real life, Navy and business– it seems communication is the one great equalizer! Any successful enterprise, including marriage– depends a great deal on communication; now that’s been said many times, but what I’m referring now is something Oprah mentioned– understanding the how when people things can be done. Most of the time, they leave that part out.

In order for communication to work, we all need serious and real communication skills; If I had them, I guess I’d still be married? Oh yeah, communication is a two-way street– so no matter how much mad communication skills you have, if the other person isn’t ready or have skills as well– it’s not going to happen!

At least that’s my observation… thanks for listening.

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When brotherly love, isn’t!

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s not easy being an older brother, everyone thinks you have all the answers… I’m sure not easy being younger siblings etiher. Ppoint is, we all got issues, trials and tribulations. But family, is supposed to be family. You don’t get to choose your family and it shouldn’t be a competition either.

When we were young, we could act like that because we didn’t know better. Now is different, we’re all grown up– so why don’t act like it?

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