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Working with people from other cultures and global business.

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the things a global business would like to do when they go global is to capitalize on things like economies of scale and transfers of different technologies and information; this would include knowledge that could be gained by working with companies and businesses in foreign countries that you may be invested in.

As it turns out, I’ve been in a situation similar to this. I’m working in a foreign country and am supposed to be from a developed country (U.S.) and have what I think is something to offer in the local country– I think no one told the locals that! I could get into CVs and stats but I think I’ll spare you specifics. They’re [country] “on track” for world developed nation status (WDNS) in about 2020-2025 and could use the help, trouble is many locals seem not to care and the others think they’re already there.

Since my primary objective is to stay married and live happily ever after with my foreign wife– I’m not obliged nor am I overly enthusiastic about convincing them otherwise. Fact be told, I’m digging the great experiment!


The more you know…

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It seems you can never learn enough! As many times as I’ve been told something like this, I’m still amazed when I learn something that’s new and really useful.

I had been struggling with some colleagues in a foreign country I’ve been in for a number of years. Being retired Navy, I have a way “handling” problems and roadblocks; Don’t get me wrong, I don’t burn bridges, but I also don’t always tread lightly either. We used to say back home in the day, “…come strong or stay at home”. In this culture, you might as well swat flies cause you’d have better luck!

Look, culture (beliefs, attitudes, education, religion, etc.) is everything and it effects and/or pervades your work product and ethic! My father used to say, “An apple don’t know to do nothin’ but fall straight down from the tree”! When I was young, it really didn’t that much–but I tell you now, my father’s really a smart man! Maybe he knows how to cut down an apple tree?